Our objectives

Our Objectives is to provide Quality Assured Crew Manning & Ship Services and Supply its client with Capable & Service-Conscious Personnel.

  • Qualified with all required Watch Keeping Certificates endorsed in accordance with the requirements of National & International Manning Laws & Conventions & of International Conventions on Standards of Training.
  • Medically & Mentally fit for Serving on Board.
  • Sufficiently Trained & Experienced to operate their assigned tasks in the Vessels.
  • Able to carry - out their duties, with fair knowledge in English.

And that is capable of :

  • Operating the ship safely and efficiently
  • Avoiding injuries to personnel and loss of life
  • Conserving and protecting the environment
  • Complying with all applicable National and International rules and requirements
  • Applying recognized industry standards when appropriate
  • Preparing for emergencies, and disaster reduction




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