At Crewing agency Master Ltd, we believe there are no big clients or small clients, and that every client deserves equal attention and ready access to all our resources no matter how long or short our association. We recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and are committed to supplying high quality services that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our clients depend on us to provide superior quality services and manpower for their vessels and reliable consultancy on their maritime technical issues. Quality and know-how are the main assets of our business and we do not compromise on quality under any circumstance.

Our crew depends on us for their livelihood and we offer them stability, prosperity, security and a chance to enhance their skills through continuous learning. They know how hard we work to find right fit by matching crew to mission requirements. We offer all our applicants and selectees a level playing field in engagement opportunities and frequently advise them on mission requirements, onboard conduct, people skills and many work-related issues. We also offer them a respectful and attentive approach in order to provide the best possible opportunities in work and career development. We offer our cadets better prospects for career advancement by placing them with dedicated trainers and instructors, both on shore and at sea, so that these young recruits can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Our competitive advantage is experience in recruitment of non-standard specialists with good offshore experience to the vessels working in such industry. To name a few:

  • Hydraulic Technicians;
  • Electrical Technicians;
  • PLS Electronic Technician;
  • Mine Manager
  • Engineers with different specialization;
  • Plant Operator, Tool Operator
  • Specialists on oil rigs


Crew for Yachts

We also provide high level crew for Yachts:

  • Deck Hand
  • Bosun
  • Chief Mate
  • Yacht Captain
  • Stewardess  
  • cook
  • Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer  

We provide training Yacht Crew trainings on Base of Training Centre, Odessa  


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Phone: +306955271140, +306948579954

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