Our services

1. Recruitment.  

  • RecruitmentStaff selection. We own an impressive technicians’ and seamen's data base. There we have experienced specialists who passed trainings and got all necessary certificates and licenses according to STCW-78/95, SOLAS and other international conventions. 
  • Labor activities checking. We carefully check up the references on the staff that we provide, from their previous employers. 
  • Documents verification. We carefully check documents legitimacy and expiry dates. 
  • Test of English knowledge. All seamen and technical specialists are tested for knowledge of English language. We practice either oral tests or test with the usage of special programs. 
  • Medical test. Each employee obligatory goes through medical examination of his health state and also drug and alcoholic tests, which are held only at Medical Centers that have international certification.
  • Psychological tests. In case we select the whole crew, all candidates are psychologically tested for personal features and for compatibility with each other.


2. Logistics. 

  • Having good experience we are ready to take responsibility for planning crew changes under the conditions of contract and organizing flights during crew changes according to work schedule. 


3. Documents preparation. 

  • Visa support
  • Put due entry in seaman’s books, Crew Lists, Guarantee letters issuance, etc.
  • Flag State documents preparation


4. Budgeting.

  • Basing on our experience we can organize payments in accordance with the approved budget. Payments are as follows payroll, flights, etc. and are effected through bank transfers


So we can take upon ourselves responsibility for organization of both the whole crew supply and their work aboard the vessel and also part of the crew on request.

In case you didn't find service or information you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to consider your issue.  

We are sure our agency will be able to become a reliable partner.

On client's request "Master Ltd.” Company can provide either full range crew management or render separate service. 

We provide a wide range of services, including: 

  • Searching and selection of well-trained and certified Seafarers for all types of vessels by testing the professional skills, English language skills, previous work experience, reviewing references from the previous employers, personal appraisals.
  • Compiling and controlling the schedule of crew shifts
  • Additional training and refreshing courses as well as in-office training for Crew.
  • Visas support for Crew.
  • Organization of training specialists in collaboration with the leading training centers in Ukraine


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Phone:  +380636369609, +380933932473 Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp

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